There are highly specialized and difficult to measure sectors where, in order to thoroughly analyze and interpret the most relevant market development, there is a strong need for merchandise competence and vast experience. These are two elements that have allowed Key-Stone to stand out in one of the most complex sectors to be analyzed: dental.

With its strategic consulting and market research firm at an international level, Key-Stone has now achieved over twenty years of experience in the dental sector. A path of specialization characterized by relationships of trust with the main international companies, logic of value for money, lean, smart and flexible organizational systems as well as strong merchandise and sector expertise.

Through the development of unique and exclusive models and the high coverage of analyzed product families, in fact, the market research division has grown to become a leading company in dental research throughout Europe. And it is currently undergoing expansion in Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific.

Alongside the analysis team, the expertise of the Consulting division represents an added value during the planning, the research, and interpretation of its results, supporting and assisting companies in the strategic development of their business activities.


Market research carried out using the most suitable and advanced statistical analysis techniques available. Thanks to the expertise from our Consulting area, the Market Research division can also provide important support in the strategic interpretation of information and data.

  • Integrated marketing research

  • Scenario and sector studies analysis

  • Quantitative research

  • Qualitative research and focus groups

Integrated market research system specifically designed for the dental sector. DentalMonitor has helped Key-Stone to become a leading company in Europe in the analysis of the dental sector, providing market information to companies all along the entire supply chain.

  • Diverse methods of the collection and processing of data

  • Quantitative and qualitative research

  • Diverse sources: panels of manufacturers/dealers and samples of dentists/dental technicians

The research covers the most important and attractive dental market segments in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific: cad-cam, prosthetics, implantology, restorative, etc. The research team is also able to provide information and data on any other dental segment through customized and ad hoc surveys.

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Formazione e consulenza Key-Stone

The Consulting division supports and assists companies in the development of strategic planning and marketing: from the phase of contextualization of the business and market analysis to the identification of suitable strategies and to the definition of guidelines, operational implementations and control systems.

  • Consulting and strategic planning

  • Portfolio analysis (KPI analysis and modeling)

  • Start-up and new business projects

  • Segmentation and profiling of targets

Key-Stone takes advantage of the long and deep experience of its team by offering multi-recipient training courses or custom-made training and coaching projects.

  • Market analysis, from data to strategies

  • How to set up market research

  • How to read and interpret market data

  • Economic planning

  • Marketing and communication

  • CRM, customer management and analysis

  • Business management

  • Entrepreneurial strategy

A line of training programs is dedicated to the dental structure and the process of evolution from professional practices to businesses:

Key-Stone - Logo DMP

Dental management Program: entrepreneurial vision and management in Dentistry. A modular program of professional courses, dedicated to the dentist-entrepreneur and the personnel in charge of management, in order to provide the necessary tools for the taking in of the best strategic decisions and the organization of a managerial system.

Key-Stone - Logo DOM

Dental Office Management: a course curriculum for young professionals. Created to respond to the growing demand for structured dental clinics to hire a junior professional, but fully trained, figure with knowledge in management, marketing, financial planning and business strategies in the dental sector.

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