Dental fieldNew Key-Stone project: OmniVision Salus - the omnibus population survey dedicated to...

New Key-Stone project: OmniVision Salus – the omnibus population survey dedicated to oral health and smile.

OmniVision Salus is an “omnibus”, repeated and multi-client research project aimed at investigating themes related to attitudes, behaviors and dental health, possibly expanding its scope to other aspects connected to health and well-being. The project takes its first steps with a survey on the Italian and Spanish population, but it aims to quickly become a reference system at European level.

The OmniVision Salus research consists of four distinct “waves”, conducted quarterly on a sample of 2,500 individuals per wave. Certain survey sections will be repeated in all quarterly surveys, aiming to reach a total sample of 10,000 respondents within a year.

The goal is to obtain a “rolling” dynamic sample, i.e. starting from the fifth survey, the first 2,500 cases will be replaced with fresh 2,500 cases. This way, annual measurements will be taken quarterly, but on a sample of 10,000 subjects based on “annual moving averages.”

Currently, throughout Europe data regarding citizens’ attitudes, behaviors, needs and expenditure related to oral health are severely lacking. Thanks to the OmniVision Salus project, Key-Stone aims to establish a “Permanent Dental Observatory” to systematically measure and track values, volumes and trends in dental demand over time. The overall findings, related to key dental demand data will be made freely available to institutions, companies and the media.

Overview of the prevalence of edentulism in the Italian population. This type of information will be available thanks to the Permanent Dental Observatory.

The “OmniVision Salus” research is open to Institutions and Companies, providing them with the opportunity to request customized sections and questions in different waves. They can acquire individual questions or add dedicated sections either extemporaneously or according to an annual or semi-annual periodicity, based on their needs.