Dental fieldItalians and oral health: results of the latest Key-Stone survey

Italians and oral health: results of the latest Key-Stone survey

According to one of the most recent Key-Stone surveys, which was conducted online on behalf of DentalPro Group on a sample of 3,000 citizens aged 20-74, 70% of participants underwent a dental visit between June 2022 and May 2023, even if only for check-up purposes. This is an encouraging figure compared to the 62% recorded in a similar survey in 2022. The most requested treatment has been professional oral hygiene, which involved 75% of patients.

On the other hand, there is one alarming fact: apparently, many Italians are still unaware of the significant impact that poor oral health can have on the entire body. 41% of those who have not undergone any checkups are convinced that they do not need one or that it is only necessary in case of emergency or pain. In addition, 53% of Italian adults have one or more missing teeth, but about half of them have not yet felt the need of replacement.

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